Sunday Service // September 5, 2021

Jesus: Hometown Hero or Hometown Zero?When Heaven Meets Earth Gospel of Luke

Join us as we dive into the Gospel of Luke! 

It is usually a big deal when a hometown hero comes back home, especially if his hometown is small. This was certainly true for Jesus return to tiny Nazareth in Galilee, the place where he grew up. At first, things went really well with his return visit. Jesus, the town celebrity, attended a synagogue service, read the scriptures at the service, and even gave a one-sentence sermon. It was then that things started to go south. The town’s excitement about Jesus soon turns into disbelief. They go from praising Jesus, to questioning Jesus, to challenging Jesus, and then to attempted assault of Jesus. In a very short period of time, Jesus went from being their hometown hero to being their hometown zero. Check out this message to see how things turn out and what life lessons we can learn.

Click below to watch the service or download our handout:


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