Sunday Service // November 27, 2022

The Amalekites Pick a Fight (Exodus 17:8-16)

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As the weary Israelites continue their desert trek from Egypt to the Promised Land, they constantly encounter survival hardships such as intense thirst, hunger, and fatigue from the harsh desert environment.

And, at the end of Exodus chapter 17, we read about another hardship – being attacked by nomadic bandits, a people group known as the Amalekites. Surprisingly, the Amalekites were related to the Israelites through the descendants of Esau. From a family tree perspective, they would have been like distant cousins. Yet, instead of helping their relatives, the Amalekites viciously attacked them starting with the weak and vulnerable who were lagging behind the Israelite caravan. In this message, you will see how God responds to this brutal attack and how he once again shows his love and care for his people by fighting for them.

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