Sunday Service // August 7, 2022

Boldly And Without Hindrance

When Heaven Meets Earth Book of Acts

This sermon looks at the last chapter of the Book of Acts and its last two verses. The message celebrates Paul’s exciting arrival in Rome and his fruitful ministry while there.

Join us as we ask questions of these two verses and seek to discover answers. One key question is “why did Luke not tell us what happened to Paul at the end of Acts?” The answer is that Luke chooses to focus on the message, rather than the messenger. As important as Paul is, he is not the most important part of the story. The most important thing to God is that his people continue to boldly proclaim the kingdom of God and its king Jesus. Messengers come and go, but the message will last forever and is about forever (i.e., eternal life). May we, his church, be like Paul and proclaim the message boldly and without hindrance!

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