July 2023

July 2023

When I think of July, I think of extreme summer heat, and it’s getting really hot in Little Rock these days. Also, when I think of July, I think of the 4th of July celebrations full of food, fireworks, flags, and patriotism. Furthermore, in July, I think of Major League Baseball and its historic All-Star game (I’m pulling hard for some of my Texas Rangers to make the team this year). But, most importantly, when I think of July, I think of Vacation Bible School. For some reason, throughout my life, VBS has always happened in July. And what was true way back when is still true today at Calvary.

So, why should Vacation Bible School be such a big deal? Well, it just might be our greatest evangelistic opportunity of the year. As a pastor, I can testify that many if not most of the people that I have shepherded through the years have told me that they either made their initial decision for Christ at VBS or that it was a huge influence in their understanding of the Gospel. That was certainly true for me, and no doubt, for many of you.

So, what’s our role today? Here are a few pastoral exhortations.

· Let’s be intentional about getting our own family kids to VBS. Please prioritize bringing your kids and your grandkids to this year’s Vacation Bible School at Calvary.

Crazy Idea: I know of some grandparents who schedule their out-of-town grandkids to come and stay with them during VBS week. Who knows the eternal impact this decision can make?

· Let’s be intentional about inviting our neighborhood kids. We have flyers available in our Bible Study class books and in the church office to take to your neighbors with kids.

Crazy Idea: Don’t just give your neighborhood kids a flyer but personally offer to take them to VBS and bring them home. Of course, this means that you would need to stay and help out, which is actually a win/win scenario.

And one more crazy idea. Let’s all sincerely begin praying that God would bless us with our largest VBS attendance ever. Let’s pray for many to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. Let’s pray for God to start a revival movement among our young families initiated by their kids who fell passionately in love with Jesus at Calvary’s VBS 2023.


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