Our Vision for Calvary

Summer Series 2021

This summer, Scott and Ryan will be preaching on Calvary's vision and mission. Our desire is for Calvary to be a multi-generational family church serving the Little Rock area with the good news of Jesus Christ, and this summer will be all about how we can work towards that vision becoming a reality. Keep reading for a visual guide we created to help lead us into this new era, and an explanation of our new way of thinking about discipleship.

Here's an explanation of our Disciples' Cross:

Every true follower of Jesus should desire to abide in Him and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. This is represented by the heart in the middle and is the basis of the Disciples' Cross.

The vertical posts of the cross represent the ways that we connect with God (through worship, prayer, and being active in God's Word both individually and with others). The horizontal posts are ways in which we interact with the world (through missions and our witness) and with the church (through service to one another and worshipping together).

Each of these practices results in a ministry (the different end-points on each post). As we abide with Jesus, we become like Jesus and begin to do what Jesus did. We hope this series leads to a fresh approach in your relationship with God and others!

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