Past Services

Sunday Service // October 29, 2023

True Greatness (John 3)

John Week 7  

If you want to be truly great, then tune into this message about John the Baptist from John chapter 3.

Sunday Service // October 22, 2023

Nic at Night (John 3)

John Week 6  

In this sermon, we meet Jesus' surprise late-night visitor, a Pharisee named Nicodemus.

Sunday Service // October 15, 2023

Tables Turning, Feathers Flying, and Jesus Shouting (John 2:13-22)

John Week 5

 In this sermon we will meet a Jesus that we are not used to seeing.

Sunday Service // October 8, 2023

A Wedding, Lots of Wine, and a Great Big Sign (John 2:1-12)

John Week 4

Join us as we explore the Gospel of John’s first great miraculous sign provided by Jesus.

Sunday Service // October 1, 2023

Five Guys Who Followed Jesus (John 1:35-51)

John Week 3

Join us as we meet five of Jesus first followers.

Sunday Service // September 24, 2023

John the Baptist and Jesus (John 1:19-34)John Week 2 1

In this sermon, we are introduced to a great man of God who in turn will introduce us to the greatest man to have ever lived.

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