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August 2021

It’s August and it’s getting hot here in central Arkansas. So, as the weather turns hot, my prayer is that our hearts will get hot for God. I pray that we, Calvary Baptist Church, will catch fire from the Holy Spirit. Remember, in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came upon the first century believers they saw what seemed to be tongues of fire separating and coming to rest on each of them. When this happened, the empowered church radiated out into missional living for the glory of God. So Calvary, here are several discipleship opportunities that will light a fire under us:

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In preparation for our fall preaching series at Calvary, I’ve recently been on a deep dive into the gospel of Luke. Luke’s gospel is filled with Jesus’ teachings that come to us in the form of parables. While we sometimes refer to parables as “earthly stories with a heavenly meaning,” Jesus was doing something deeper than offering an illustration or teaching a moral lesson. Through the parables, Jesus was announcing the arrival of the counter-cultural, upside down kingdom of God and correcting false assumptions about what it looks like and who’s invited.

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Summer Series 2021

This summer, Scott and Ryan will be preaching on Calvary's vision and mission. Our desire is for Calvary to be a multi-generational family church serving the Little Rock area with the good news of Jesus Christ, and this summer will be all about how we can work towards that vision becoming a reality. Keep reading for a visual guide we created to help lead us into this new era, and an explanation of our new way of thinking about discipleship.

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May 2021

May 2021 is bringing several exciting changes to the Calvary family. Firstly, this past Monday (May 3rd) the Calvary office reopened. Thankfully, all of the Calvary ministry and administrative staff have been vaccinated, so we are somewhat safe to be around (although some might say that we are never safe to be around).

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April 2021

As we enter into April 2021, I have several important things on my mind, specifically worship and missions. These are two critical aspects of discipleship. In other words, mature disciples will be passionate worshipers of God who express our love for God in a missional lifestyle.

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March 2021

Many of us have set out on an adventurous journey to some far away place of extraordinary beauty with young children in tow. And, if this has been you, you probably have vivid memories of the kids in the back seat asking for the hundredth time, “Are we there yet?” And then the moment finally arrives when you triumphantly announce, “Yes, we are here. We have arrived at our destination!” And suddenly, the grandiose beauty takes over. Perhaps it’s the view of the Grand Canyon or of Yellowstone National Park or of the Emerald Coast beaches in Florida that you and the kids suddenly get to experience. And when you do, there is an awe inspiring silence that takes over. And everyone expresses a collective “wow, this is really cool!”

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