Pastoral Reflections on May Expressions

May 2022

May is a favorite time of year for many. Why so? Great weather to enjoy. Great beauty to behold. Great friends to share it with. And, great optimism for the future. Here are a few popular expressions about May. Join me in reflecting on them and how they might relate to Calvary in May of 2022.

“April Showers, bring May flowers." - English Poet Thomas Tusser
As Calvary comes out of the COVID season, there is much to learn from and much to look forward to. I am grateful for the protection and grace that God has provided for our church family. I am grateful that more of our people are returning to church. I am grateful for the financial provision that God has given to our church during the last few years. I am grateful that God always uses the hardships that we face to produce beautiful things in our lives. I am looking forward to the spiritual fruit that is coming as we move out of this season of challenge.

“You are as welcome as the flowers in May." - Irish Actor and Playwright Charles Macklin
We most definitely welcome the flowers of May, and we most definitely welcome the people that God is bringing our way this May. Please join me in celebrating the thirteen people that attended our recent “Connecting with Calvary” class. I am hopeful that all thirteen will choose to join our church. If so, we are super blessed as these are super people that God is sending to us to help us accomplish our mission. Please join me in celebrating our growth. And, please join me in welcoming our newest members (names and faces will be shared in next month’s newsletter).

“I'm only wishing to go a-fishing; for this the month of May was made." - Presbyterian Minister and Author Henry Van Dyke
Fishermen love this quote and fishermen love this month. I know, because I am a fisherman. And, who wouldn’t love to fish in the beautiful May weather. As a Christ follower, however, I am always aware that I have much bigger fish to fry than the white bass and hybrids that I’m currently catching on my fly rod in southwest Arkansas. Jesus said to his first century disciple, Peter, and subsequently to his twenty-first century disciples, us, “Come follow me, and I will make you into fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). Calvary, I truly believe that we have some exciting opportunities ahead to catch people for God!

Blessings in Christ,

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