Daring To Go Bold

March 2023

March is the official launch date for our new Going Bold campaign and I am very excited about its beginning. My prayer is that this campaign will move us toward paying off our Worship Center debt while launching some new and important ministry initiatives at the same time.

I love the name “Going Bold” since “boldness” is one of the consistent evidences of the Holy Spirit’s presence and work in a believer’s life. Therefore, Going Bold is another way of saying we are going to faithfully keep in step with God’s Holy Spirit as he leads our church into its future.

My appreciation and thanks is extended to all of the Calvary family who have felt led to join us in this campaign. Your generosity always amazes me and always inspires me. For those who have not yet joined the Going Bold campaign, the invitation remains open.

As I think about God’s Spirit at work, I am excited about what I have heard is taking place in Kentucky and beyond. As many of you know, there are reports that a revival has broken out on the campus of Asbury University and is spreading. So, how can we know that this movement is legitimately of God? Based on Acts 2, here are some things to look for:

· People are passionately worshiping God.

· People are hearing the Gospel and coming to faith in Christ.

· People are confessing their sins and getting right with God.

· People are experiencing the miraculous.

· People are generously sharing possessions with others in need.

· Others are seeing the movement and want in on it.

Let us be prayerful for all the young people who are authentically seeking God right now. Let us be prayerful that God’s Spirit will continue to blow through their lives in powerful ways. And, let us be so bold as to pray that the Holy Spirit will blow through Calvary Baptist Church in the same way. Remember, if it is of God, we want it, all of it! If it is God’s Spirit showing up and showing out, we want him, all of him! Come Holy Spirit, come!

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