Let’s Get Strategic About Strategic Planning

August 2022

At the beginning of the year, it was announced that Calvary will be starting the process of developing a new strategic plan. So, let me answer a few questions in regards to this plan.


First, what exactly is a strategic plan?

From a church perspective, a strategic plan is a ministry guide that helps a congregation be more intentional, focused, and effective in accomplishing what God is leading them to do.


Why did we decide to begin a strategic plan at this time?

The strategic plan suggestion came from some of our financial leaders who were discussing the issue of how we should go about paying for our Worship Center debt. During this discussion, it was suggested that with Calvary’s relatively new leadership and vision, now was a good time to structure a financial plan that was built around this vision and not just debt retirement. After more discussions, the church staff and the Church Council agreed. The Church Council began working on the new plan shortly after the first of the year. 


How will Calvary’s strategic plan be structured?

Calvary’s strategic plan will be structured around our vision/mission along with its key core values. These core values are prayer, family, discipleship, and missions. We also added a category for building & stewardship.


Who will develop the strategic plan?

Our Church Council has developed the general ministry directives for the strategic plan. The next step will be for various groups and committees from within the church to determine specific goals and strategies for accomplishing the ministry directives. Also, Dr. Rex Horne has graciously agreed to serve as our consultant. 


When will the strategic plan begin?

The developmental phase has already begun. The Church Council has recently completed the ministry directives and now it is up to the staff and congregation to develop specific goals and strategies related to the ministry directives. 


What is the timeline for the strategic plan?

We are expecting all of our groups, committees, and task forces to complete their recommendations by November 30. When these recommendations are approved by the Council, our Finance Committee will develop a recommendation for resourcing the plan. We expect their work to be completed by the end of January 2023. At this point, we will begin preparing materials to officially launch the plan on March 5, 2023. 


What will be the result of the strategic plan?

We expect that the new strategic plan will help us to more effectively accomplish our vision of being a praying church, a true and healthy intergenerational family of faith, a church that is living missionally both here and abroad, and a church that is truly making disciples who make disciples.


What can you do to be more informed and involved in the strategic planning process?

  1. Read the three page document providing the plan overview. 
  2. Attend the discussion forum with the Church Council (date and time forthcoming). 
  3. Volunteer to assist with one of the planning teams. 
  4. Prepare to do your part to support the plan with your prayers, time, talent, and financial resources. 


Accomplishing Calvary’s Strategic Plan is an important undertaking. Let’s prayerfully give our best to this ministry opportunity. If we think big and bold, we will experience our big God in big ways. Let’s get excited and go to work for his glory!


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