The Story is the story of the Bible, condensed into 31 chapters of 20-30 pages each, and we’re reading it together as a church this year! Using the New International Version, The Story reads like a novel, filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance, and redemption and it’s true! The Story sweeps you into the unfolding progression of Bible characters and events from Genesis to Revelation. Events, characters, and teachings of the Bible are arranged chronologically. The book focuses on living five God-ordained purposes: worship, community, discipleship, ministry and evangelism.

You can pick up your copy of The Story on Sunday, August 30, from 1:30-3:30pm in the church parking lot by Cantrell Road. Your kids and students can pick up their copy during this time as well. We’ll have the Loblolly ice cream truck here, so wear your mask and come get some ice cream, fellowship, and your copy of The Story!

We’ll also have them available the following Sunday, September 6, at our worship service, and Tuesday, September 8, from 2:00-4:30 at the church office. You’ll read a chapter each week (beginning September 7), and then Scott or Ryan will preach that Sunday over the chapter you’ve read. You can see the schedule here.

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