Dear Calvary Family,

I hope that all of you are having a blessed Passion Week. As we reflect upon the events of this last week in our Lord’s earthly life, let’s be prayerful and worshipful. Passion Week concludes with Resurrection Sunday. That means that this Sunday will be the most important day of worship of the year as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and the eternal significance that this truth has made in each of our lives. May we celebrate and worship with great joy even in the midst of our unusually challenging times.

Speaking of challenging times, I trust that everyone is doing okay as we all cope with COVID-19 and its ramifications. Please stay safe and healthy and prayerful. I would like to mention one exciting ministry opportunity that has arisen due to the crisis. In Little Rock, the Clinton Center has partnered with the World Kitchen to pack and deliver meals to people in need. These organizations are asking churches to assist them in delivering these meals to schools and/or community centers. A group of our deacons is interested in starting a ministry team from Calvary to assist these organizations in meeting this need. Here is a brief overview of the ministry:

  • We are needing volunteers who will be available to deliver meals at least one night every other week through June of 2020. A team will allow us to have enough people to work around everyone’s schedule.
  • Volunteers will need to have a large vehicle to transport meals and a portable table. The church van will be available if needed.
  • When delivering meals, volunteers will wear masks and gloves and the table will be set up six feet from the vehicle. Volunteers will have their temperature checked before being allowed into the Clinton Center.
  • Volunteers will need to arrive at the Clinton Center at 4 PM and will deliver meals at their site between 5 PM and 7 PM.
  • If interested in participating, please contact the church office by emailing or calling (501) 663-8303 by four o’clock on Tuesday (April 14).
  • Brent Morrison will be the deacon leading this ministry. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact Brent at (501) 328-7876. After Tuesday, Brent and I will conduct an organizational meeting with Calvary’s volunteers via Zoom.

As I heard about this ministry and the need they were meeting and of our deacons’ interest in participating, I thought of Acts 6:1-7. This scripture passage is describing the first deacons of the early church who were charged with overseeing the daily distribution of food to widows in need. As I think about our church participating in a ministry like this, it makes me smile. I’m smiling because I think our Lord always smiles down upon us as we meet important needs in the name of Christ.


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