Wow, these are certainly some strange times in which we live. In the midst of it all, I trust that each of you are staying safe and well and finding joy in our Lord. As we turn the page in our calendars, we look forward to May and the beautiful flowers that tend to blossom this time of year. Let’s all be especially attentive to the beauty that our Lord will bring to our world with spring in full bloom. May it refresh our hearts and souls.

As we think about the blossoming of beautiful May flowers, I want to remind us to celebrate the blossoming of the beautiful Gospel during our world’s current crisis. No doubt, God is at work. He is the only one who can work good out of bad, bring triumph out of tragedy, and bring joy in the midst of hardship. Let’s all celebrate what only he can and will do.

As I reflect, I am so very appreciative of the many people in our church who are leading well. Here are just a few areas of ministry in which we can celebrate:

  • Let’s celebrate Calvary’s Sunday School directors and teachers who are keeping bible study going at our church. In fact, last week produced a record attendance for virtual bible study with 217 participants.
  • Let’s celebrate Calvary’s Finance Committee leaders who have done a great job overseeing our finances. They have helped us to manage our resources effectively during this time of economic uncertainty.
  • Let’s celebrate our deacons who have started a new ministry team distributing food to those in need in the Little Rock community. Thank you for your compassionate hearts.
  • Let’s celebrate our staff who are faithfully leading impacting ministries. We are extremely blessed to have a staff with such great hearts and great character.
  • Let’s celebrate our church family who continues to support our church financially. What a blessing to be part of a generous and loyal church family.
  • Let’s celebrate our worship production team that continues to bring weekly online worship services to our church family. Your ministry encourages our souls and inspires our hearts.

Speaking of our church worship services, this Sunday we will be starting a new sermon series titled “Certainty During Uncertain Times.” The series will address issues related to our current COVID-19 challenges. We will study biblical texts and principles related to some of the emotions that we all might be encountering such as fear, anxiety, and depression. Also, we will be thinking through some big questions such as “Is this the beginning of the end?” and “Why does God allow suffering?” Furthermore, we will examine some practical topics such as “being honest with God” and “how do we keep our focus on God’s mission?” These and other important topics will be explored in hopes of giving biblical guidance and encouragement to our church family. The truth is, there are some wonderful biblical certainties that we can embrace during the uncertain times in which we now live. Thank you Lord!

As I close, I want to mention one more resource that we have put together. It is called “Calvary’s Monday Morning Quarterback.” It is a twelve-minute video of Ryan and I taking a few minutes on Monday to discuss Sunday’s sermon. These videos are usually posted by Tuesday each week and can be accessed via Calvary’s Facebook page. Be sure and check it out and tell us what you think.

Please know that I consider it a great honor to be your pastor and I’m celebrating this season of unusual but fruitful ministry that we are experiencing. And, as always, I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. To God be the glory!






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