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After becoming the pastor of Calvary, the first night that Mona and I were in Little Rock was a Friday. We had just completed a long and arduous week of packing and moving, so we were ready for a fun night on the town. We decided to go to one of our neighborhood restaurants – Tacos and Tamales in the Heights. It was full of people who were full of energy and soon we were all full of delicious tacos and tamales. Afterwards, we decided to drive through the Heights neighborhood just north of Kavanaugh Street. It was a beautiful evening and the sun was just setting. We meandered through street after street admiring many beautiful homes – some new, some newly renovated, and some old. The mature trees and frequent flower gardens made the neighborhood especially beautiful. Eventually, we kind of got lost in the looking. Not exactly sure of where we were, we turned the corner and there, towering above the trees and the neighborhood was a beautiful church. The light was on inside the church and its stain glass was illuminating the skyline. I said to Mona, “Wow, that’s a beautiful church. I didn’t know that there was another church in this area.”

Well, you may have guessed it, but the church that we were looking at was our beautiful Calvary. It was shining brightly, like a lighthouse in the Heights. And that image has stuck with me. I feel that part of Calvary’s calling is to be a spiritual lighthouse in the Heights.

So how do we fulfill this calling? One way is to be intentional about loving our neighbors in the Heights. I’m excited about some of the upcoming opportunities to do this very thing. The next two Saturday’s (20th and 27th), prayer walkers from Calvary will be walking through the Heights neighborhoods praying over every home and family. While doing this, they will place door hangers with a new brochure introducing our church to it’s neighborhood community. The door hangers will include invites to upcoming Calvary events such as the Fall Family Festival and the Calvary Student Ministry Youth Retreat. At the same time, people will be in the prayer room praying over each business in the Heights by name. Additionally, Calvary will be participating in “Holiday in the Heights” on Sunday afternoon November 11th. This joyous holiday festival will bring many people to our area. The Calvary Choir will be singing Christmas carols on the front steps of our church while serving hot chocolate and candy canes to our holiday guests. Also, the Calvary deacons will continue their tradition of distributing cupcakes to businesses in the Heights as a token of our partnership and love.

So Calvary family, please join me in praying for each of these ministry opportunities and the many relationship encounters that await. Please pray that we can be good neighbors. Please pray that we can effectively fulfill our calling to be a spiritual lighthouse in the Heights. May our light be the light of Christ, and may it shine brightly for the king and his kingdom!

Your Pastor,

Scott Jackson

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