It is with great excitement that the Pastor Search Committee unanimously recommends Dr. Scott R. Jackson as our candidate for the senior pastor position at Calvary Baptist Church.

This journey has taken almost a year to complete after the church approved us as a committee last July. We began by seeking God’s guidance, God’s wisdom, and God’s will for Calvary. Many of you gave of your time at church conversations to help us discern the type of minister God wanted for our church. From the beginning, you have clearly been with us every step of the way. We sincerely wish to express our thanks for your prayers and your words of encouragement over these many months.  The support we felt from all of you will never be forgotten.

The process we followed was prayer driven and spirit led. It required many hours of reviewing resumes, listening to sermon archives, checking references, and conducting pointed interviews. As he so often does, God directed us down an unexpected path.  We received more than 100 resumes from candidates interested in the position at Calvary, and yet God led us to a man who wasn’t even looking for a job. Our committee reached out to Scott and asked him if he would be open to talking to us about the position at Calvary.  After a time of prayer and contemplation, Scott and his wife Mona felt led by God to talk with us further about the position, and God’s plans became evident to all of us from there.  His experience in the academic world as a professor at Ouachita Baptist University, in the ministerial world as lead pastor at Fellowship Church of Arkadelphia, and his past experience on staff at Calvary were some of the unique factors that made Scott stand out to us.  His engaging pulpit style, approachable personality, clearly defined vision for the future, and devotion to his calling were evident to our committee. More importantly, we felt his strong commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ through discipleship and evangelism. He brings a special interest in young adults and young families.

We are humbled and grateful for this opportunity to serve and by your trust in us as a committee. It is an honor to bring this recommendation to you, and we look forward to the future God has planned for our church. We pray you will join us in affirming Scott’s call to be our next Pastor. It is the beginning of an exciting spiritual journey we can all take together.

On behalf of the Pastor Search Committee,
Ric Atkinson

Pastor Search Committee:

Ric Atkinson, Chair             Mary Howell

Jennifer Croft                       Ashley McInturff

Amie Di Leo                        Steve Strickland

Michael Hall

Words from the Search Committee:


Dr. Ray Higgins – Executive Coordinator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Arkansas

Dr. Scott Jackson brings a creative blend of leadership, ministry experiences and educational training to lead Calvary Baptist Church as the new Senior Pastor.  As a Pastor, he is on the cutting edge of creating the kind of churches that reach, disciple and transform people as Christ-followers in the real world.  As a College Professor, he has been training students to become leaders and servants in the church and world.  It’s easy to become Scott’s friend and to love his family.  His passion for the outdoors is contagious.  I have known Scott since the late 1980s when he took the Basic Christian Ethics course that I was teaching at Southwestern Seminary.  He was the kind of person you remember over the years for all of the right reasons.

Dr. Lee McGlone – Interim Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church

I have known Scott Jackson for several years and have watched his fine work at both Ouachita Baptist University and Fellowship Church in Arkadelphia.  Scott is a gentleman and a scholar.  He is kind, considerate, and compassionate. He is friendly and is ready to be a friend.  But most of all Scott is a Pastor. He loves God’s Church and is an able servant. His sermons are marked by keen insight into the Biblical text and have about them a clear relevance to the modern audience.  He relates extremely well to college-aged students.  His church is predominately composed of college students and young adults–and some older adults who seem still young.  I count Scott as a friend and am delighted that he will be Calvary’s next Senior Pastor.  I believe in him and anticipate a strong and successful ministry in the years ahead.  And I will be praying for Scott and for Calvary as you develop a strong and ministering relationship.  God’s blessings.

Dr. Terry Carter – Associate Dean of the Pruet School of Christian Studies, Ouachita Baptist University

For 15 years Scott Jackson has occupied the office next to mine in the Berry Bible Building.  He served in the Christian Ministries Department where he brought great experience and a love for students.  Scott is one of my best friends and the colleague with whom I have had more passing by conversations than any other.  We saw each other every day of the semester.  Scott is authentic in every way – spiritually, socially and intellectually.  He possesses a passion for his work and for the church and has had a wonderful ministry preparing students to serve worldwide.  He and his wife Mona are a great team and Kathy and I have always enjoyed spending time with them.   In fact, the four of us took 29 students to Israel several years ago and we truly learned to appreciate the Jacksons as a couple and a ministry team.  I cannot imagine Calvary finding a better pastor to lead you into the next exciting ministry phase.  I must say I am torn by your selection because I will miss Scott and Mona but we know the way to Calvary and will look forward to seeing how the work flourishes.

Derrick Barnes – Associate Pastor, Fellowship Church, Arkadelphia

Scott is one of the dearest friends I have.  When I was going through some pretty tough times, he stood by my side and encouraged me to continue to follow God’s call to the Pastorate.  He will always be my pastor and mentor.  Calvary Baptist Church has gained a true shepherd in Scott Jackson.  However, Calvary’s biggest gain just might be his wife Mona!

Dr. Ed Simpson – Former Sr. Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church

Scott was one of the best students I had the privilege to supervise in the Doctor of Ministry program at Midwestern Seminary. He was insightful, sincere, and teachable. He had a clear calling from God, to serve His people. Scott is an outstanding teacher, preacher, pastor, and loves people. He will serve well at Calvary, and I am so glad he will lead our church family, reaching the next generation.

Dr. Randall O’Brien – President, Carson-Newman University (former Senior Pastor of Calvary)

Who are Scott and Mona Jackson? “Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” (Gal. 3). They are Jesus’s friends.

Dr. J.D. “Sonny” Tucker – Executive Director, Arkansas Baptist State Convention

I am very excited that you are considering Dr. Scott Jackson as your next Senior Pastor! Scott and I have known each other since we were college students together at OBU. He is definitely one of the most kind, gracious, and caring ministers in Arkansas. His deep love and respect for all people make him an incredible pastor .His knowledge of the Bible and incredible teaching skills make him one of the best speakers in our state. Dr. Jackson is a great fit for your church. One of the strongest statements I can say about him is that he is a guy that I would love for my children to have as their pastor. Please know of my deep love and respect for your church. I am praying for you through this process.


Jennifer Croft

Every conversation we had with Scott and each reference we spoke to affirmed to me God’s plan for Dr. Scott Jackson to be Calvary’s next pastor because of his genuine love for God and people as well as his knowledge and practice of God’s Word. Scott and Mona impacted my life as a student at Calvary and OBU and have always been genuine examples of Christ’s love to others around them. I’m am excited about the future for Calvary as Scott comes to lead us as pastor!

Amie Di Leo

While talking with Scott and Mona, I sensed then and there that God had led us to the right person to be our next Senior Pastor. God works through Scott in the sincerity of his thoughts and words. His genuine enthusiasm and servant’s heart is a powerful combination that will benefit Calvary as we move into the next chapter in the life of our church.

Michael Hall

It was a privilege to be part of this process and talk to quality pastors who have dedicated their lives to make the Gospel known. Of all the candidates we considered, Scott’s passionate love for Christ and his love for people stood out. Scott exudes a genuine love for life and a joyfulness that is a natural overflowing of his relationship with Christ. Scott and Mona are ready to pour themselves into Calvary and I am excited to be a part of where the Lord takes Calvary under Scott’s leadership.

Mary Howell

Scott Jackson is the real deal.  His close relationship with the Lord through Bible study and prayer and the joy that comes from that relationship show on his face and in his kind spirit.  He is well-educated, has much valuable experience and relates well with all age groups.  I learned about his heart for pastoral care when he was our Minister to Youth.  We were without a pastor.  My husband was dying and we were in the hospital a lot.  Scott always came and he walked with Curtis and me in those dark days.  I am so excited that God is giving us the opportunity to have Scott as our pastor to lead us as he helps us see God’s will for Calvary’s future.

Ashley McInturff

Scott Jackson shows the love of the Lord anywhere and everywhere he goes. It has been an absolute blessing getting to know him and his wife Mona.  Genuine, heart-felt love and care for Calvary has shown through each conversation and prayer we’ve had with Scott.  I am looking forward to the path that God is laying out for us with Scott.  His previous work at Calvary and knowledge of our congregational needs has drawn us to him and him to us.

Steve Strickland

Our committee reviewed more than 100 resumes, interviewed several finalists, and unanimously agreed that Scott should be our new senior pastor based on his significant pastoral experience and outstanding academic work.

Dr. Scott Jackson

Click here to watch a video of Dr. Scott Jackson’s testimony. 

Scott grew up in Carrollton, Texas where he attended the First Baptist Church of Carrollton from the age of five. He was mentored by several of the church’s ministers but was especially influenced by Rip Cannon, the church’s Minister of Music. During High School, Scott became active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes where he served as his school’s FCA president starting his sophomore year. While in this role, he was mentored by Danny Hassell, a godly layman who volunteered his time and resources to help Christian athletes influence their school for Christ. After graduating from High School, Scott attended Ouachita Baptist University on a football scholarship, and was football team captain in 1984. In 1985 he graduated from Ouachita and married the love of his life, Mona, who also attended Ouachita.


Mona is a wonderful wife and ministry partner who currently teaches 4th Grade in Arkadelphia. She is a gifted teacher who specializes in the area of elementary literacy. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and is also a National Board Certified Teacher. In addition to being a great wife, ministry partner, and teacher, Mona is an amazing mother to their three kids.

  • Josh – who graduated from OBU in 2011 and now lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Katie. Josh works for himself as a business entrepreneur and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in accounting. Katie works at Starbucks and has been active in numerous theater productions in the Denver area. She is a gifted singer and actress.
  • Lauren – who graduated from OBU in 2013 and now lives in Benton, Arkansas with her husband Stephen. Lauren is a dental hygienist and works with Stephen at his dental practice in Hot Springs Village. Lauren was actually born when the Jackson’s first came to Calvary and was privileged to have the role of “Jesus” in the church’s Christmas production in 1990. She returned to Calvary in 2013 when she and Stephen were married in Calvary’s beautiful new Worship Center.
    • Kaitlyn – who graduated from Ouachita in 2017 and has just completed her first year of Physical Therapy School at the University of Central Arkansas. Kaitlyn is married to Ty Towers who is currently attending Pharmacy School at UAMS.








Left to right: Ty, Kaitlyn, Mona, Scott, Josh, Lauren, Stephen. (Katie not pictured.)

Scott’s Graduate Education

  • Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1988
  • Doctor of Ministry from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1997
  • Ph.D. in New Testament from B. H. Carroll Theological Institute in 2009

Scott’s Ministry and Academic History

  • After graduating from seminary with his Master’s degree, Scott’s first full time job was at Calvary where he served as the youth minister from 1990 until 1994.
  • He left Calvary to return to his college church, Richwoods Baptist Church near Arkadelphia, where he served as pastor for four years.
  • Scott left Richwoods Baptist to become the pastor at First Baptist Church of Little Elm, Texas in 1998 until 2002. While at Little Elm, Scott completed his Doctorate of Philosophy seminars in New Testament.
  • In 2002, he was invited back to Ouachita to teach in the Pruet School of Christian Studies at OBU. He recently completed his 16th year of full-time teaching at Ouachita as a Professor of Christian Ministries. He was voted by students as OBU’s “Most Inspirational Teacher” in 2004.
  • While teaching at Ouachita, he pastored Fellowship Church of Arkadelphia since 2003. Throughout the years, this church has been popular with college students, many of whom were part of the Jackson K-group (small group that met in the Jackson’s home).
  • Additionally, Scott has remained involved in an outdoor Christian camping ministry called Outdoor Discipleship Ministries of which he was a co-founder in 1989.

Scott’s Walk with Christ

Scott made his decision to follow Christ as a ten-year-old child and has now walked with the Lord for forty-five years. According to Scott, “It has truly been the greatest life I could have ever hoped for. Christ’s presence and power have been evident in my life and since that decision my greatest desire is to know him and make him known.”


  • In addition to his family, Scott enjoys outdoor recreation activities such as fly fishing, mountain biking, and canoeing.
  • Also, he is an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers.



10:30 AM Worship Service

Announcement of Dr. Scott Jackson as Senior Pastor Candidate


5:00 PM in Worship Center

“Town Hall” meeting with Pastor Search Committee (childcare provided)


10:00 am – noon

Meet and Greet with Scott & Mona – The Hangar


10:30 AM Worship Service

Scott Preaching in View of a Call

Congregational vote on Scott (immediately following service)


Approximate start date for Scott *

*Pending the congregational vote




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